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Experience the rush of adrenaline as you speed around this Formula Race Car on a Race Track near Milan including a Ferrari 458, and Formula 4.

Drive 10 thrilling laps with Formula 4 type BMW on the Italian racing circuit accompanied by our professional driving instructor.

The experience includes laps in a Ferrari 458,  laps in a race car type Legend, and laps in a Formula 4 type BMW FB02. Feel the rush of the ride as you glide around the track and live out your dreams of being a professional race car driver.

The package also includes onboard car cameras so you can watch your drive back.


After this course, you will know the fundamentals of Race Driving.

Qty: Min of 1, Max 6 participants

Number of Cars: 2

Type of cars: Formula BMW FB02

Type of track: Near Milan/Pavia, 2Km long, 16 turns, 420M straightaway, very technical track 


Course includes:

  • FULL COURSE -  Skid Practice on a Pitch with street cars.
  • Briefing
  • Short theoretical racing course
  • 1 lap of getting to know the track on a van and a professional instructor
  • 3 Laps on a Ferrari 458

MICRO COURSE - 5 laps on a Legend for training

MINI COURSE -  5 + 5 laps on a Legend for training and debriefing 

FULL COURSE - 5 + 5 laps on a Legend for training and debriefing 

  • De Briefing
  • Technical briefing on the Formula Car.

MICRO COURSE - 10 laps on a Formula BMW FB02

MINI COURSE -  20 laps on a Formula BMW FB02

FULL COURSE - 25-30 laps on a Formula BMW FB02

  • Helmets and gloves
  • GOPro onboard camera with instruments included
  • Lunch is included ( for Full course).

  • Photo coverage included ( for Full course)
  • Trophy is included ( for Full course)
  • Time in the track premises - 3-8 hours 


You will learn:

  • Driving behavior
  • Determining the Braking point
  • Determining the turning point
  • Determining the clipping point
  • Determining the exit point
  • How to handle different curves


Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to drive a race car in Italy.


What’s Not Included

•             Hotel pick-up and drop off

•             Any extras


•             Dont forget to bring your driving license and passport

•             We can host you in English, Italian, Hebrew and French.

•             The experience and courses fits both men and women

•             The level of the course will be according to the person wills and capabilities

•             Where applicable fits also kids under 18 as co-drivers.

•             Travel personal Insurance is a must

•             Max height 200cm

•             Max weight 95kg

•             Traveler name is required

•             We will not be able to service you in case of hard weather condition like snow, Rain or Icy road. In that case we can postpone the service to another day or a full refund will be handed. We run the cars also in fogy days.


We use Pirelli P-Zero™ in all of our race cars !


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    Need more info? Write us an email or phone/whatsapp us at +39-328-5969-126

    Formula Racing Course near Milan Italy

    Select Course Type
    • Drivetrain - Rear wheel drive

      Engine – K1200RS , 1.2 Litre inline 4, 16 valves

      Total Mass – 465Kg

      Power – 140bhp (105kw) @ 8948 rpm

      Power/Weight Ratio - 225W/kg (307bhp/ton)- 1:3,3

      Torque – 125Nm @ 6756 rpm

      Weight Distribution - F42 R58

      Gear Box– Hewland FTR 200, sequential, 6 forward speed + reverse, Clutch

      Brake- Disc all 4

      Tire- Michelin Front-S210-20/54-13 8" x 13", Rear 22/54-13 10" X 13"

      Suspension Front – pushrod mono damper

      Suspension Rear– pushrod twin damper

      Shock absorbers – Sachs SP3

      Chassis -Carbone FIA F3 2002 Homologated, Bodywork - Composite

      Steering wheel - Rimsoz racing F1 Type

      Fuel Tank 42 liters (Homologated FIA FT3-Norm)

      Dimensions (mm)– L – 3975, W 1740, H- 980

      Rain Mode