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    Is your child taller than 140cm?  with us he can drive a car! And not just a car, a RACE car.

    Come with your kid to our race track for an unforgettable day to learn the Basic skills of driving, Drifting and Karting.
    With us even your son or daughter can enjoy few hours or full day of motorsport activities.


    Option1-Some Fun

    • 3 laps with Ferrari on a race track as passengers with professional race driver.
    • Can be divided by several kids

    €230 for each participant.


    Option 2 - Basic and safe driving course with a Race Car

    • About 1-1.5 hours of basic driving Course with Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 Turbo race prepared (or simillar) on the pitch as a DRIVER!

    €490 for each participant.


    Option3 – Basic Drift Racing Course with Drift Race Car.

    • About 1-1.5 hour of driving course with Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 Turbo race prepared (or similar) on the pitch as a DRIVER!
    • About 1-1.5 hours of driving course with BMW M3 / Nissan 350Z (or similar) on the pitch as a DRIVER!


    About 2-3 hours of experience


    € 750 for each participant


    Details info For option 2 and 3

    After the course you will learn the fundamentals of driving and racing.

    Experiences Included:

    • Onboard video including telemetry data

    • Basic / Racing theoretic driving course conducted by professional drivers

    • Fuel included

    • Car insurance included

    • Professional instructor by your side

    • All taxes, fees and management fees

    • Helmets and gloves


    You will learn:

    • The first steps of driving

    • How to use the brakes

    • How to use the clutch

    • What is a clutch

    • To brake

    • Change gears

    • Confidence in driving

    • Slide on a wet pitch

    • Use of the steering wheel

    • Use your head and eyes to control the car

    • Understand the responsibility of driving a car

    • Fun on the wet

    • Driving behavior

    • The basic of drifting (only for the drift course)

    • How to keep the car in the racing line (only for the drift course)

    • Use throttle and hand brake to drift (only for the drift course)

    • Use gas to drift (only for the drift course)

    • Use of counter clock steering in the right way (only for the drift course)


    Option4 – Track Day and Race on GoKart 420cc

    Race course and a Race with potential GoKart where the kids drives.


    • 1 session Qualifying – 10min
    • 1 session Race – 10min


    Course includes:

    • Briefing
    • Racing course
    • Helmets and gloves
    • Onboard camera where applicable

    * in case the age of the kids is under 14 we might use reduce power gokarts but still powerfull such as 4 stroke TBKart R15 Honda 390cc or simillar


    Cost - €85 per participant

    Min of 5 participants


    Our Race Tracks

    Our home Race Track near Milan - We can host you almost at every day. please send an email or message to know the dates or look at our calendar



    • Don't forget to bring your driving license and comfortable shoes

    • Experience and courses adapt to men and women

    • The level of the course will be according to the will and skills of the person

    • Where applicable, it also fits children under 18 as a co-pilot.

    • Maximum height 190 cm

    • Maximum weight 95 kg

    • We will not be able to assist you in case of adverse weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain or frozen track. If so, we may postpone the service to another day or a full refund will be returned. We also run cars on days of light rain and fog.


    If you buy this experience as a good gift, write YES on the order page and the desired day.

    Then fill in this voucher.


    We can also provide trophies and gadgets (hats, stikers, pens, USB etc ...). Look at our website


    • Important Notes

      • This is a tentative program. Changes can be made due to weather conditions/availability of the restaurants and the time left.
      • All admission tickets, transports fees, attractions and meals, where indicated are included!
      • Price indicated are for week days, for weekends please ask for an updated quote.
      • Not included are personal treats/ gifts, extra food/beverage and anything else not indicated
      • No driving license is required but the level of the course will be set according to the participant capabilities
      • We can host you in English, Italian, Hebrew and French.
      • The experience and courses fits both men and women
      • Fits kids under 18.
      • Insurance for the cars is included,
      • Travel personal Insurance is a must
      • Onboard camera is included where indicted
      • Including Fuel surcharge
      • Max height 200cm
      • Min height 140cm
      • Max weight 120kg
      • Traveler name is required

      These programes are based on track days with sessions. In case of long session avalibilty (like over time session in the after noon ) the course total time can vary between 2-5 hours , depend on the course.

    • Tech Specs

      ALFA MiTo 1.4 Turbo Racing - Technical Data Sheet

      Engine: 1.4L, Inline4, Turbo Charged

      Weight: 970Kg

      Wheel: 215/45 R18

      Power: ~ 200cv

      Maximum speed: 275km / h

      0-100km / h: 4.9 sec.

      Places: 2

      Front-wheel drive

      BMW M3 Racing - Technical data sheet

      Motor: 3.2L inline 6

      Transmission: 6-speed manual

      Weight: 1246Kg

      Power: About 400hp

      Maximum speed: About 300km / h

      0-100km / h: 4.0 sec.

      Places: 2

      Rear-wheel Drive


      BMW M3 Racing - Technical data sheet

      Engine: 3.2L inline 6

      Transmission: 6-speed manual

      Weight: 1246Kg

      Power: About 400hp

      Maximum speed: About 300km / h

      0-100km / h: 4.0 sec.

      Places: 2

      Rear-wheel Drive

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