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It can be used to create a number of negative-feedback amplifier topologies. FIGURE A.9 The figure shows two popular topologies for negative feedback. The standard, most-often-used "preamplifier" configuration is shown in FIGURE A.9A. This topology is called a "preamplifier" topology because the output is taken from the input of the negative-feedback loop before the input is applied to the amplifier. In the preamplifier, the output is fed back through a fixed resistance. The figure also shows a negative-feedback amplifier with all of its feedback resistors connected in parallel (all in the same pot), as shown in FIGURE A.9B. This topology is called a "parallel-feedback amplifier." FIGURE A.9A. Preamplifier FIGURE A.9B. Parallel-feedback amplifier



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Op Amp Gayakwad.pdf
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