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Full RaceVarano de' Melegari - Italian championship for for Formula series - Race 2

Full Race Varano de' Melegari - 11.10.20 Italian championship for for Formula series- Formula 3 , Formula 4 and others. Mei Shibi P6 - Racing in Italy Team campionato italiano FX Formula FX2/FX Open - Mei Shibi P6, sulla pista bagnata di Varano de' Melegari. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We offer racing experience for everybody. Our race track is open ..come to visit us at ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Telephone:+39-02-80889801 Whatsapp / Cell+39-328-5969126 insta- racing_in_italy Twiter- @italy_racing VK- Linkedin - TikTok - @racing_in_italy_it , Google Business - Facebook - TripAdvisor -… Youtube channel -

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