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What to do with kids in Milan? Motor sport activity for teenagers | Racing Courses with Race Cars

Racing in Italy is the only one to provide a real driving and racing course for young adults and children. and not only a racing course but on a real racing car type Afla Romeo 1.4 turbo race prepared !!!! Kids attraction in Milan Italy Wondering what to do with kids in milan, Italy? Is your child taller than 140cm? with us he can drive a car! And not just a car, a RACE car. Come with your kid to our race track for an unforgettable day to learn the Basic skills of driving, Drifting and Karting. With us even your son or daughter can enjoy few hours or full day of motorsport activities. Option1-Some Fun 3 laps with Ferrari on a race track as passengers with professional race driver. Can be divided by several kids €230 for each participant. Optio

n 2 - Basic and safe driving course with a Race Car About 1-1.5 hours of basic driving Course with Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 Turbo race prepared (or simillar) on the pitch as a DRIVER! €490 for each participant. Option3 – Basic Drift Racing Course with Drift Race Car. About 1-1.5 hour of driving course with Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 Turbo race prepared (or similar) on the pitch as a DRIVER! About 1-1.5 hours of driving course with BMW M3 / Nissan 350Z (or similar) on the pitch as a DRIVER! About 2-3 hours of experience € 750 for each participant Details info For option 2 and 3 After the course you will learn the fundamentals of driving and racing. Experiences Included: • Onboard video including telemetry data • Basic / Racing theoretic driving course conducted by professional drivers • Fuel included • Car insurance included • Professional instructor by your side • All taxes, fees and management fees • Helmets and gloves You will learn: • The first steps of driving • How to use the brakes • How to use the clutch • What is a clutch • To brake • Change gears • Confidence in driving • Slide on a wet pitch • Use of the steering wheel • Use your head and eyes to control the car • Understand the responsibility of driving a car • Fun on the wet • Driving behavior • The basic of drifting (only for the drift course) • How to keep the car in the racing line (only for the drift course) • Use throttle and hand brake to drift (only for the drift course) • Use gas to drift (only for the drift course) Telephone:+39-02-80889801 Whatsapp / Cell+39-328-5969126 insta- racing_in_italy Twiter- @italy_racing VK- Linkedin - TikTok - @racing_in_italy_it , Google Business - Facebook - TripAdvisor - Youtube channel - Twitch TV-


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