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Where can I do a racing course in Italy with live streaming | Milan

Formula race course with live streaming and live comments.

the best attraction in Milan, only With Racing in Italy .

We have a new live streaming video channel on TWITCH You can check out all of our previous broadcasts and the upcoming every week on

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verity products with racing courses and track days with live streaming to improve you driving skills. Live commentators , live data , We are one of the leading racing team in Italy and motorsport event provider, who are committed to provide a racing experience for everyone on a reasonable budget.

We offer any solution for motorsport events in Italy, for individuals, incentive groups, families (kids) and pro drivers. We are part of the Formula X Italian Series with high media exposure. More info on the media exposure here See you soon in one of our events ))

Racing in Italy Team Telephone:+39-02-80889801 Whatsapp / Cell+39-328-5969126 insta- racing_in_italy Twiter- @italy_racing VK- Linkedin - TikTok - @racing_in_italy_it , Google Business - Facebook - TripAdvisor - Youtube channel - Twitch TV-


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